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When something’s wrong with your feet, it can not only cause pain, but frustration and embarrassment, preventing normal activities.

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Nicola is highly experienced in assessment and diagnosis of the lower limb and has expert knowledge of the foot and ankle. She has a well established clinic and aims to truly know and understand your foot ailment and how its affecting you. Nicola is committed to offering the highest quality services and facilities to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore painful feet and legs, swiftly and safely back to health. 

Nicola is here to work out what your problem is, how it was caused and how you both can work together to fix it.

Nicola Shearman

PGDip BSc (Hons) Podiatry MCPod

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Whatever foot issue you have, from plantar fasciitis to an ingrowing toenail, Nicola has the experience to help you. Click the button to help you work out what appointment you need to get you back doing the life you loved.

What My Clients Say

I was in so much pain with my feet. Nicola made me bespoke insoles and after doing the recommended exercises and using the insoles, my feet have healed nicely. Thank you so much Nicola. Anyone having foot problems as bad as mine were should definitely come to visit you. I am so pleased to be able to walk without pain now. – Jennifer

Thanks to Nicola’s expertise I can keep running and am pain free, highly recommended – Kathryn

Nicola is very caring and knows her stuff. If you have feet problems she’s the one to put them right. – Chris

Super, happy feet! Nicola swiftly and professionally transformed my painful feet. Now fitted with bespoke Slimfex insoles, I can walk pain free. I have confidence in her knowledge and experience. Thank you. – Ruth

I just wanted to say that I thought you were so kind and friendly at my appointment today. You really know your stuff and your manner made me feel really comfortable and calm so thank you so much! – Fran

Once again I was very happy with my consultation with Nicola Shearman today. I found her very polite, patient, pleasant and helpful and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others which in fact I have already done so. – Mary

It was so lovely to think back to old times yesterday, albeit briefly.  My Mum was so pleased to have her treatment, and felt that it was the nicest appointment she has ever had!  She was impressed by the foot pulse machine, as she has never had this used before. She would be happy to come again. – Kerry

It was a pleasure to meet you last Wednesday, thanks for explaining everything so clearly.  When I wear the insoles my toe doesn’t hurt, I’m so happy!  I’ll keep wearing them for walking over the next week then hopefully start jogging again, building it up very gradually.  I hope to buy some new trainers next week.  I’m also doing the clam exercises – if I position myself correctly I can watch the TV at the same time!  – Kathryn

Your web-site is very user-friendly, as it includes helpful information and makes accessing and booking a convenient appointment easy.  Speedy response too! I like the clean and modern environment Barbourne Health Centre provides for your service, and there is parking if you need it! I found your approach reassuring and efficient.  I did really appreciate your doing the circulation tests etc and found the results cheering.  Also thank you for the information on moisturising cream.  I managed to locate some CCS cream at Superdrug. And you’ve heard of “Anne of Green Gables” too! – Anne

It is very rare that I could say I actually ‘enjoyed’ a medical experience, however, from the moment I walked into your surgery I felt as though I had definitely made a good decision and felt relaxed (and relieved!) at your calm, sensitive approach. Initially, I had made a decision due to your informative website, further encouraged by reminders re the appointment, together with directions . Following treatment, I have so far had a whole day where I have been pain free…..the first in quite some time. It is refreshing to come across a person who obviously enjoys not only their work, but getting to know the person they are treating. I am so pleased my feet led me to you……thank you. – June

My toe nail you removed healed great and I’ve had no issues especially playing basketball so I am very happy.  – Joe

I’ve always enjoyed a relaxed appointment with happy feet at the end of it. – Ruth

Very happy with my treatment yesterday. It’s nice to have a chat and relax while my feet are being pampered.
See you next time. 
– Linda

I found the session informative and helpful.  The exercises given to me tie in very well with my Pilates exercises, which is interesting.  I have started doing them. Nicola was very pleasant and thorough. – Sue

I liked all of the process of booking in especially as I am not really computer orientated. The process was easy to understand and activate. The return message was appreciated too. – Jean

As always Nicola has done a great job, my feet have never been so trouble free. – Jean

Very easy to book an appointment on the website with quick automated response. Treatment commenced fairly close to appointment time. I can’t think of any improvements needed. – David

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