NEWS FLASH!!! We are now offering clinic appointments again!!

Precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of contracting and passing on SARS-CoV-2 virus in our clinic, in accordance with PHE and the college of Podiatry.

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There are few changes to Nicola Shearman Podiatry due to this last 3 months of lockdown. But first, here just a little of what Nicola has been up to.

Nicola has not stopped working. She has been ‘On Call’, available to any emergencies and due to Barbourne Health Centre being closed, homevisits commenced. There were a few painful ingrowing toenails and ulcers to attend to, and she even found herself doing a local anaesthetic in a toe whilst in the garden!

In addition to all this, Nicola has been finding that even though we are on lockdown, this hasn’t stopped people from getting heel pain or other foot pains, so Video Consultation appointments were then available too! People from other countries started to ask for advice, and as it turns out, she is officially allowed to video consult and advise in every country in the world!! So she has treated people she would never have met in USA, Canada, Australia and other areas of the UK, such as Glasgow, Leeds, Ipswich, and Canvey Island, with some great reviews!

Now Barbourne Health Centre has opened its doors to the private clinics, we can offer appointments again. However, we have 10 changes to tell you about. You will notice some straight away as soon as you book:

#1 You can now choose between a clinic appointment or a home appointment. Video consultations are available for anyone around the world, so if you have a friend or family member, with a foot condition, they can also book in for advice.

#2 When you book, you pay straight away. This saves time in clinic when we can be cleaning down.

#3 You will get a confirmation email as usual, but this will include a form or 2 depending on which appointment you book. Everyone will be asked to fill in a covid questionnaire.

#4 On arrival, you will wait either in the car or outside, to avoid you mixing with other patients and staff inside the building, to reduce your risk. When you are due for your appointment, you will receive a text to meet at the door at the bottom of the stairwell.

#5 You will be asked further Covid questions before you enter. You may be turned away if you have suspect Covid symptoms.

#6 You will be wearing a face covering, or a single use surgical mask will be provided.

#7 Your temperature will be checked. You will be turned away if your temperature is above 37.8n degrees.

#8 Nicola will hold all doors so you need not touch anything all the way to the couch in the clinic room.

#9 Nicola will be wearing a mask and visor, scrubs and otherwise normal PPE.

#10 Your appointment time slot will include wiping down all surfaces and letting air flow through the room, once you have gone, between patients.

Precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of contracting and passing on SARS-CoV-2 virus, due to these changes.

So here you are: BOOK HERE and we’ll see you soon!

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