At Nicola Shearman podiatry, we recognise that searing, burning pain in the back of your heel, achilles tendon or lower calf is holding you back from running, jumping and effectively every activity you feel you want to do.

Thank you very much for my appointment today. I found you warm and friendly and quickly put me at ease. You were knowledgeable and reassuring and gave me practical advise to help with my pain. I have been doing my exercises and feel much more positive about my condition and that I will get better.



A Musculoskeletal podiatrist is an expert at using different treatment strategies to resolve your tendoachilles issue that will eliminate the dread of walking after rest, by building your strength and power, getting you back to aim for you personal best performance in sport and work activities.

Common AT Injuries:

  • Insertional achilles tendinopathy

  • Mid portion achilles tear

Nicola will take a thorough history of your problem, you will then have a full musculoskeletal assessment of all your foot and ankle joints, and muscles, a weightbearing assessment and a video gait analysis assessment. You will then have a discussion regarding the available treatment and together make a treatment plan tailored to you.

Each different diagnosis has specific exercises to do and not do, Nicola will help you understand which it is you will need.

The main therapeutic approaches are:

  • Footwear advice.

  • Taping, and strapping.

  • Specific strengthening and stretching exercises tailored to the type and severity of your condition.

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