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When booking ‘choose a ‘New Musculoskeletal/gait analysis Assessment’ if you’ve not been for over a year or if you are returning within a year choose an ‘Musculoskeletal followup’ appointment’

Podiatry is becoming more and more advanced with biomechanics and the assessment and treatment of how people walk and run. Traditionally, if a foot appeared flat then arch supports were used to help lift the foot. Modern techniques have significantly moved on from this. Podatrists look  now at what the foot is doing and also at how the entire lower limb functions from the hip down,  and how this is affecting the rest of the body.

Biomechanical problems are not just applicable to the sports men and women; long term chronic lower limb pain can be attributable to poor biomechanical function. This would include any heel pain, foot pain, ankle problems, knee pain, etc. Children or young people under 16 can also have many varied problems which the podiatrist can assess and help.

This is an appointment to assess and diagnose the problem causing your pain, analyse your gait (the way your body moves when you walk), and discuss treatment options, for example, exercises, stretches, simple insoles, orthoses, acupuncture.

Book an ‘Initial skin/nail appointment’ to discuss Nail Surgery and have your Pre-nail Surgery Assessment and advice.

After an initial consultation and discussion, you may prefer to have a permanent removal of either 1 side, both sides or the whole, of a painful nail. Use your initial appointment to discuss this and have a thorough assessment of your feet before you decide to have surgery. There is a lot of advice and checks that are required prior to having surgery, and the price will be dependent on the surgery required.

Choose an ‘Initial skin/nail Appointment’ if it’s your first time, or a ‘Follow-up Appointment’, if you’ve been before.

This treatment includes nail care and the removal of all hard skin and corns.

The Podiatrist will provide any relevant foot health advice and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the health of your feet and legs. The treatment is then completed with the application of a moisturiser to your feet.

This appointment can also be booked to discuss any other foot problems/concerns you may have including foot or leg pain, and resulting treatment options we can provide for you. If required, a musculoskeletal appointment may be suggested in order to carry out a full assessment of your lower limb pain.

Choose an ‘Initial skin/nail Appointment’ if it’s your first time, or a ‘Nails only appointment’, if you’ve been before.

This is a low cost solution for nail care only – after having an initial appointment.

You will need an initial appointment on your first visit, for all your medical history to be recorded and the feet to have a full assessment of the circulation and sensation before any nail care is carried out. On subsequent visits, you can have a ‘Nails only’ appointment.

After 12 months you will need a longer appointment for your feet to be assessed again to monitor any changes in your foot health.

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