Thank you so much for today my toe feels marvellous. I am so looking forward to my next appointment in a weeks time for further very professional work you are a star.


Is your Podiatrist registered with the Health & Care Professions Council?

Yes Nicola is registered with the HCPC – CH14741

What is the difference between a Chiropodist & Podiatrist?

There is now no difference except you haven’t been able to become a chiropodist since the 80’s. Now all Podiatrists have undertaken a Bachelor of Science 3 year full time degree in Podiatric Medicine.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book online or phone to speak to someone and to book an appointment.

Do I need a referral to come and see you?

No you can just refer yourself by booking in.

Do you treat diabetic patients?

Yes Nicola has extensive experience and wealth of knowledge regarding diabetes and the foot.

How is parking?

All free parking round the clinic and is very straight forward. There is 45 mins free right outside the clinic, and if you have a new appointment (which would be longer), you can park in Britannia Square for 3 hours or behind The Jungle Club Plant Shop for 2 hours. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel with longer than 24 hours to go, if you have paid a deposit, this is non refundable. If there is less than 24 hours to go, the policy states there is a full fee charge.

If you just don’t return up to your appointment, Nicola understands that sometimes nightmares happen and so will consider each situation, however it’s only reasonable to expect a full appointment charge for the appointment as there are costs involved in having the clinic open, and someone else could have come in instead. Ultimately, Nicola has a family and she won’t get paid if you don’t attend!

Is there parking at the clinic?

Yes all free – there is a car park and all surrounding roads have free parking.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please wear loose clothing, and the shoes you normally wear and if you have a musculoskeletal appointment bring a range of shoes you use and your sports shoes. Please also bring a list of your medication.

How to find me

Shearman Podiatry
49 Upper Tything

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