At Nicola Shearman podiatry, we see people who feel like they have a lump under their foot, or feel like they’re walking on their bones with achy throbbing pain or pins and needles, stopping them from wearing the footwear they love, or the ability to walk fast or tip toe.

Totally satisfied with yesterday’s appointment, especially after making an online booking so soon (easy to do). Good job done on on my feet, feeling much more comfortable now. Definitely coming back when further treatment is required. Happy to recommend you to friends and family. P.S. Good to chat about Ephesians – not part of the normal service!



A Musculoskeletal podiatrist is an expert differentiating between the many forefoot pains so you can return to walking pain free, as soon as possible.

Common forefoot problems:

  • Bursitis

  • Toe deformities

  • Mortons neuroma

  • Extensor substitution

  • Corns and callus under and between toes

  • Plantar plate tear

Nicola will take a thorough history of your problem, you will then have a full musculoskeletal assessment of all your foot and ankle joints, and muscles, a weightbearing assessment and a video gait analysis assessment. You will then have a discussion regarding the available treatment and together make a treatment plan tailored to you.

The main therapeutic approaches are:

  • Footwear advice.

  • Custom made foot orthoses (bespoke).

  • Taping, and strapping.

  • Padding.

  • Toe props and spacers.

  • Forefoot and midfoot intrinsic muscle strengthening exercises.

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