At Nicola Shearman podiatry we understand that awful pain in your heel when you get out of bed in the morning, and how much the pain can get you down if you stand or walk too long.

I was very pleased to meet you. Your assessment and advice will help me to help myself in improving my heel pain. You are very approachable and knowledgeable. I will happily recommend your services to family and friends.


A Musculoskeletal podiatrist is an expert at resolving all different types of heel pain getting you back walking into town, or doing your regular 5K run, pain free.

There are many causes of heel pain. Nicola will be able to tell you which one or which combination of them you are suffering from.

Common Heel Pain Conditions:

  • Medial calcaneal nerve impingement

  • Posterior tibial tendonopathy

  • Adult acquired flat foot

  • Fat pad atrophy

  • Plantar Calcaneal bursitis

  • Calcaneal apophysitis (previously known as Sever’s) – children

  • Calcaneal osteitis

  • Referred neurological impingement

The risk of getting any of these heel pains is increased with obesity, flat or hard footwear, standing for long periods, tight muscles, very high or very low arched foot types.

So Nicola will take a thorough history of your problem, you will then have a full musculoskeletal assessment of all your foot and ankle joints and muscles, a weightbearing assessment and a video gait analysis assessment. You will then have a discussion regarding the issue you have and the available treatment, then together, she will make a treatment plan tailored to you.

Treatments offered for these conditions include:

  • Bespoke foot orthoses – a 3D scan is taken of your foot to create an orthotic specifically shaped to your foot. These orthoses are the longest lasting, and the best fitting, and ultimately the gold standard treatment for the majority of heel pains if orthoses are needed.
  • Footwear advice – bring your footwear with you, you’ll be surprised what information we get from your shoes, and also help you know which shoes will be the best for your foot problem.
  • Taping and strapping – resting certain muscles and tendons with taping can benefit enormously.
  • Exercise therapy – stretches and strengthening.

  • Foot mobilisation.

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