At Shearman Podiatry we see many very painful, unsightly nails. We completely understand the throbbing and ongoing gnawing pain, even when the bed sheets are laying over your sore toe.

My overall experience was excellent. After explaining the problem (lifting big toe nail), you gave me the reassurance I was looking for (that it did not need to be removed, only trimmed). You provided treatment appropriate to the problem (cutting away the loose nail section). At the end of the session you offered short appointments if required to monitor the situation (as the new toenail grows). My issue was minor, but I was pleased to be in professional, caring hands. Thank you.



Nicola has been treating ingrowing toenails since 2000 and can permanently remove your ingrowing nail pain, never for it to return again, enabling you to sleep pain free, wear your favourite shoes pain free, and removes all embarrassment when they’re on show.

Sometimes nails can be cut leaving spikes down the corners and the toe flares up. Antibiotics wont touch these issues, because the nail is causing the problem. Nicola can remove the spikes and you walk out of clinic pain free.

Alternatively, if your toe has been causing your pain and disruption to your life on and off for months, surgery may well be the better option. Nail surgery is a 1 hour appointment where a slice of the nail is permanently removed under local anaesthetic. Podiatrists are experts in this particular minor surgery. In fact, we take extra attention to every aspect of this procedure to give you the most positive outcome.

Nicola will assess, discuss and help you decide the best treatment for you, in an initial skin/nail appointment.

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