At Nicola Shearman Podiatry, when you say you have a hard lump which burns when you walk, we understand. When you tell us it hurts when walking over small bumps at the crossing, we know!

Thanks for the appointment. Your advice was very helpful and I hope by implementing what you have suggested I will see some positive results. My feet look a good deal better now that some of the hard skin has been removed. You provide a very friendly and professional service. I will be sure to recommend you should the opportunity arise.


Nicola is able to remove your corns in 1 treatment, leaving you pain free once more, and walking out feeling like you’re walking on air.

Corns and calluses are areas of skin which build up due to pressure. This can be pressure from your footwear, bony joints, or a rubbing motion.

These problems are more common than you think and require a removal of hard skin using a fine scalpel. This is pain free because it’s just the dead thick skin which is being taken away.

Nicola will assess your circulation and sensation to establish how ‘at risk ‘ you might be of getting worse issues such as ulcers, with the pressure causing the callus and corns. These are more likely with people with diabetes and neuropathy and/or ischaemia. Nicola has worked as a high risk diabetic podiatrist and has extensive experience of treating and healing diabetic ulceration.

Heavy callus build up is often linked to a musculoskeletal issue, and may require a musculoskeletal and gait analysis assessment.

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