At Nicola Shearman podiatry we understand that horrendous pain in your heel and arch getting out of bed in the morning, or if you stand or walk too long, how that pain can be so depressing.

My experience of Nicola is one of sheer pleasure and delight. She is utterly professional, kind and so helpful. She has made such a difference to my walking and balance with her help, exercises and care of my feet. I am so grateful to her. I cannot think of a single way in which she needs to improve on the wonderful service she provides.


A Musculoskeletal podiatrist is an expert in resolving pain, and remove that fear of pain before you stand up, getting you back to your favourite activities, pain free.

Many people are told that they have plantar fasciitis, but feel they have tried everything, and still they struggle to get rid of the pain. If this is you, you may find you have another of the heel pains afterall.

Nicola will take a thorough history of your problem, you will then have a full musculoskeletal assessment of all your foot and ankle joints, and muscles, a weightbearing assessment and a video gait analysis assessment. You will then have a discussion regarding the available treatment and together make a treatment plan tailored to you.

There’s an increased risk of getting plantar fasciitis (new name is plantar fasciopathy) if you have increased weight, very tight calf muscles and hamstrings and inappropriate footwear.

Treatment modalities include:

  • Bespoke foot orthoses – a 3D scan is taken of your foot to create an orthotic specifically shaped to your foot. These orthoses are the longest lasting, and the best fitting, and ultimately the most effective treatment for the majority of heel pains.

  • Orthoses altered for your specific requirements.

  • Exercise therapy – stretches and strengthening.

  • Footwear advice – bring your footwear with you, you’ll be surprised what information we get from your shoes, and also help you know which shoes will be the best for you foot problem.

  • Taping and strapping – resting certain muscles and tendons with taping can benefit enormously.

  • Foot mobilisation.

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