Data Protection Information

I am committed to doing the right thing when it comes to how I collect, use and protect your personal data. I have therefore developed this privacy and cookies policy, outlined below:

None of your details will ever be passed on to any third parties for marketing purposes. 

If you call 01905 330007, the reception at Clinicanswer will be able to book you in to my secure calendar and notes system using the data you give, to make the appointment. Clinicanswer have their own privacy policy which can be viewed on the following link:

You might book an appointment directly through this website, you will then need to tick the box to consent to me using your data to respond to your enquiry, and your data is then held in the notes system which uses a cloud based system. This system is password protected and encrypted. For further information on Cliniko security you can follow this link

Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of providing you with appropriate treatment by me, Nicola Shearman. Only I will see your personal data, medical details, podiatry assessment and notes. If your condition would be of educational value, I will ask for consent to use pictures and medical history, but no names or identifiable data would be used.

Your contact information will only be used for the purposes of contacting you if necessary. Appointment confirmation emails are automatically sent out when your appointment is arranged. You will also receive a reminder a day or two before. I will also ask for a review the same week as your appointment, and also you may be contacted if you need a follow up treatment or to re-arrange a scheduled appointment. 

Your records will be securely stored as per the legal requirements which can vary depending upon your age and circumstances but will be for a minimum of 7 years following the final date of your treatment when they will be destroyed unless you instruct us otherwise.

This website uses cookies which track activity and visits to the website so that I can better understand and improve the information and services I offer through the website. It is also important for fraud prevention and your own browsing safety. It does not take your personal details for usage anywhere else.

You can request to see what personal information of yours I have on file at any point and free of charge by emailing me at



Please note that I require 24 hours notice of cancellation. I understand that illness and other things can happen at the last minute which can prevent you from making your appointment time. Please let me know as soon as possible that you are unable to attend. 

Any missed appointments which have not been cancelled prior to the time will be charged at full price.

Less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% charge.

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