Verrucas can be so disconcerting. Many people just don’t like them being there. Sometimes they became painful as well.

The HPV virus causes an overproduction of cells and uncontrolled replication after the incubation period, resulting in unsightly, often painful and highly contagious lesions on the foot.


  • Verrucae and warts are fleshy fast growing benign skin growths
  • Verrucae are commonly found on the feet and warts on other parts of the body
  • Caused by the highly infectious human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • To date over 200 subtypes identified
  • Virus thrives on moist, warm skin
  • Verrucae can spread from feet to other parts of the body
  • Contracted from other people in communal areas e.g. changing rooms, swimming pool floors
  • Verrucae generally are not harmful, just unpleasant and uncomfortable
  • There can be a genetic predisposition to ‘catching’ verrucae
  • Verrucae or warts can spontaneously resolve, but that take years to occur, meanwhile they have spread.

Verruca treatments available

Verruca needling has been shown to be 70% effective in resolving verrucas compared with the hit and miss results of repeatedly applying messy chemist preparations. It is also painless and performed in less than 90 minutes with minimal interruption to your day!

The Verruca Needling procedure will be performed in the Barbourne Health centre Podiatry clinic by our HCPC registered Podiatrist and will take approximately 1 hour.

A local anesthetic will be used to numb the affected area and the injection may cause some minor discomfort. After the area has been successfully anesthetized, the verruca site is punctured multiple times, so that the viral infection is exposed to the immune regulators in the deeper skin layers.

A sterile dressing will then be applied to the treatment site and preventative measures will be taken throughout the procedure to minimise the risk of infection. Offloading pads will then be applied to the site to minimise discomfort while the anaesthetic wears off.

Call the clinic for more information or to book an appointment.


Is a new verruca treatment. New to our arsenal of effective verruca treatment options is Verrutop. Verruca and warts are one of the most challenging dermatological skin conditions to treat. Treatment selection depends on verruca treatment history, health and age of patient plus the presentation of infection.

We now have Verrutop. New to the UK podiatry market. Verrutop constitutes of a formulation of nitric and organic acids, zinc and copper salts. This powerful concoction when applied carefully to a verruca causes the infected tissues to desiccate. The nitric acid basically triggers cell death. This apoptosis process is accelerated by the metallic salts.

Verrutop verruca treatment applied only by specialist medical practitioners

Verrutop is break through from conventional keratolytic acids used in clinic to eliminate difficult to treat infections. No need for dressings associated with wound healing. Normal activities are not impeded. Once the Verrutop is applied the verruca simply goes black. This happens very quickly. Depending on the size and stubborn nature of the presenting verruca up to 6 or less treatments may be required.

Latest 2019 UK effective verruca treatment at Nicola Shearman Podiatry

Clinical trials have reported a remission rate of 89% of patients after maximum 6 applications. In 50%+ patients remission was observed after just 3 applications. These results are better than applying liquid nitrogen during cryotherapy to stubborn verrucae on the sole of the foot. Better to get a formulation of nitric acid into the infected area than nitrous oxide. Less painful and far more suitable for children and those with sensitive soles.

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